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About Josipher Walle


Josipher Walle Digital Analytics Specialist

September 2020

I sat down in my bedroom.

My chest felt heavy. It felt like all the weight of the world was on it.

The reason is that I tried to do too much simultaneously. I tried to run multiple businesses.

The worst thing someone can do is multitask.

One of my biggest strengths, and at the same time, my biggest weakness, is that I can see opportunities everywhere.

The problem was how to ignore them and let them go.

For a while, I jump on all of them, believe me, sometimes I still do.

The difference is that I learned to manage them.

Now, why did I jump on all the opportunities?

Well, I was afraid of missing out on the next big thing.

The fear of missing out got me jumping from opportunities to make money here and there, but it is hard to keep them going when they cross into each other.

I didn’t get why I wasn’t succeeding.

So, the more opportunities I jump in, the more I stretch myself.

Another strength and, at the same time, weakness of mine is my ability to laser focus.

I can laser focus on a specific thing, which leads me to ignore everything around me.

The good thing, I get things done quickly. I get to solve interesting problems. But the bad thing is I can ignore anything else around me, which sometimes leads to problems.

Taking all these things into account, I decide I want to commit to the long-term game, and I need to choose only one business and laser focus on this business.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it. “

–> Greg Anderson

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” 

–> Alexander Graham Bell

So I stepped down from the other businesses and put all other ideas and opportunities I saw to halt.

I select one and only one.

I decided to focus on marketing.

Why marketing?

I selected marketing because I spent the last seven years of my life acquiring marketing information.

I learned about Social Media, Facebook/Google Ads, Web Analytics, Copywriting, Website Design, Sales, and more.

Every day I would spend at least 1 to 2 hours learning or doing something on Marketing.

At that time, it was only a hobby, and I focused primarily on digital marketing.

So, why not double down on the one thing I spent most of my time on?

So came my professional journey in the Digital Marketing world a life.

Taking you one step back


Let us rewind to August 2019.

As I tried to find my way into Digital Marketing work, I searched for a way to stand out and be unique.

When most people focused on Facebook and Google Ads, I saw an opportunity in the analytics world.

I saw an opportunity to make quick money installing Facebook pixels for people on Shopify stores.

I grab it with both hands.

Now, where would I best start without any budget and in a new segment of digital marketer that I didn’t know much about?

I never like cold calling, cold emailing, or cold messaging. None spook to my personality.

My approach is more laid-back; I like people coming to me.

And since I used Fiverr for my past business ventures, I decided to switch and become a seller.

I got my gig going. On August 18, 2019, I got my first order for web analytics services. The client needed a Facebook pixel installed, and I got it done and delivered the work the next day.

It felt so good.

Then it took me till October 6, 2019, to get my second order.

They asked me to install the Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Ads conversion tracking, precisely the purchase action.

Now, here comes the crazy thing. I had no clue how to install purchase tracking. And since this was a more extensive offer that lasted three days, I spent three days researching and learning what to do.

Now you must ask how someone can put themselves in that situation.

My best answer is that I assume web analytics installation was easy, and I could do it in 1 hour or less.

Once you place the pixel or other codes, I thought the follow-up conversion events would install automatically.

But guess what?

A definition for Assume = making an ass out of you and me.

And I end up making an ass out of myself.

The great thing is that I can laser focus, and throughout those three days, I learned as much as possible about Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Ads conversion tracking.

When I delivered the service, I got my first rating and my first 5 💫 review.

Here is what it said:

“Josipher did a fantastic job and was patient with all sorts of stupid questions. I am asking him to work on another project. I hope he will.” Ron.

A testimonial I will never forget.

That was the star of my Fiverr career.


What inspired Josipher Walle to the Happy Customers Mindset?


Since my journey started on Fiverr, I chased one customer after another.

Every day I woke up looking to receive a message in my Fiverr inbox for a potential buyer.

The more potential buyer you get, the more money you make.

I hold to that belief for about six months.

Then I learned that making existing customers buy again is easier than getting a new one.

As great as that sounds, I did not have any other services to sell to my existing clients.

So I started my search for new skills.

This time I looked at my past behavior and the thing my customers mentioned to me that I do good.

One thing that stood out was optimization. I spent most of my free time improving my skill and business system.

And everything I learned, I shared with my clients.

So why not double down on it.

I did a CXL mini degree in optimization and digital psychology, where I learned and joined the world’s top 10 percent of marketers.

I learned about Conversion heuristics, A/B testing, Conversion Audit, Conversion Copywriting, Copy mining, Psychology principles, and more.

Not only that, but I also got a chance to further my knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

It was quite a journey and a learning experience.

All the learnings combined with my experiences and the decision to dedicate my life to marketing let me focus on Happy Customers.

By focusing on Happy Customers, I managed to consistently take my business from an unstable revenue of an average of $350 to more than $3000 per month and keep growing.

To be continued…


How can Josipher Walle help turn your data into Happy Customers?


Step one.

Correctly set up your web analytics to answer your most essential question.

  • Who
  • What
  • Why

You can start here.

Step two.

Optimization –> Building Enhanced Customers Experience

As your business is a system formed by its components, you cannot work on each element without considering its effects on the system.

Meaning your business systems are interconnected. Any intent to adjust one part might hurt the whole.

When we optimize your system, we want to improve it as a whole, not as a part.

Step three.

Listen to your customers.

For every interaction or conversation you have with a customer or potential customer, carefully listen to how they talk, express, and interact.

As you pay attention, you will understand what they like and dislike.

Use this information to improve your business system.