Google Analytics 4 setup for Lead Generation

google analytics 4 setup for lead generation

When it comes to Lead generation, there is no one size fits all approach.

Step 1.

So to better understand your business, we will have to sit together (2 hours max) and create a measurement plan.

The measurement plan will include your business goals and essential steps you want to measure in the customer journey.

Step 2.

After this measure plan is created, I will send you an offer for the technical implementation of your goals in Google Tag Manager and analytics.

Step 3.

When the offer is set up I will proceed with the implementation, the duration of the implementation depends on how big is the project.

Step 4.

When everything is implemented, we will go into a monitoring period to double-check the world and see if everything is working correctly and if adjustments are needed.

Step 5.

In the end, we can sit in a call, or I can send you a video recording showing you how everything is set up and working.

Ready to start creating the measurement plan?