Facebook Conversion API Implementation

Are you struggling with data accuracy? Event match quality is low? Ad blockers limit your data?

Since Facebook integrated the Conversion API, I’ve been helping clients find the best way to make the transition.

And the best integration we have found so far is Facebook Conversion API implementation through Google Tag Manager.

Because tag manager makes it:

  • Easy for you to improve your data quality
  • Easy for you to increase event match quality
  • It gives you complete control over the data
  • Possible for you to combine different types of sources, CRM, and Payment Systems, all of that together
  • Easy to create long life journey for your customers
  • Bypass the blocking of ad blockers. 

Wow, you blow me away. I am so happy you sent me this and got what you have done. Support fast and with the video explain everything, it makes you stand out from any other. Good job. 

Yi Meng

Founder & CEO, CoCarting

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How does Facebook Conversion API work?

How can I help you with Facebook Conversion API implementation?

As you saw, all of this technical stuff can be new and overwhelming. Sometimes it might also get stressful.
No worries. I will take care of everything for you to go back and focus on what you do best.

I will do the following:

Google Tag Manager (Both Web & Server):
-Create variables to send data.
-Set up tags and triggers properly.
-Event ID set up
-Event duplication for Facebook Conversion API
-Segment Facebook Event in GTM Server

Facebook Pixel/ Conversion API: (Is the machine that helps you drive sales through Facebook)
-Install view content.
-Install add to cart.
-Install initiate checkout event with value.
-Install purchase event with value.
-Send enough data to improve event matching quality.

(Keep in mind that we are limited to the available data present by platform or the plugin or developer skills)
– For the purchase event to have an event matching quality score of “Okay” we need a minimum of the email address.

Facebook want us to us Conversion API to improve the quantity of data we are sending since the iOS, privacy policies, and browsers are restricting tracking. So the quality of data is more important than the accuracy of the tracking.

Facebook Conversion API setup through GTM work hand in hand with Google Analytics 4, so we need to install both.

I will do the following for GA 4:

– Setup view item list event
– Setup view item event
– Setup add to cart event
– Setup view cart event
– Setup begin checkout event
– Setup add shipping info event
– Setup add payment info event
– Setup purchase event
– Exclude essential unwanted referrals
– exclude internal traffic

-Referrals exclusions set up
-Sent Facebook click ID for the server
-Sent Facebook browser ID for the server
-use the proper naming conventions

For everything above, the price is $375

Set up duration 4 days.
Monitoring duration 26 days.

Order duration 30.

All projects have lifetime customer support. Meaning, a fix for any future problem (in the control of my installation) is free of charge.

Not happy with the work. Money-back guaranteed.

After accepting this offer and pay I will send you an Access Checklist to give me access to Facebook Business Manager (admin without this I cannot get the Facebook Conversion API token and configure the events). Google Tag Manager (both web and server publish permission) and Google Analytics 4 (edit permissions on account level).

If you choose to work with someone else, make sure they do everything listed to provide you with the best quality.

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He’s a wizard


Founder, Maxandfix

Facebook Conversion API Setup through GTM


I have never met anyone who knows more about Conversion API and GTM. Excellent communication and very reliable and transparent.


Michael Murphy

Founder, candle-guy.com

Josipher Walle did a great job! He delivered everything very quickly as discussed and helped with many other issues that came up along the way. We could not have done this super difficult implementation without him! The communication was also very good! He far exceeded my expectations! I will ask him for help again and have already recommended him to other agencies.

Thomas Reich

Founder, Advertising Experts OÜ


Wat is Facebook Conversion API

Facebook Conversion API is e new way to set up Facebook Pixel to send data from both the web and the server. The setup lets you get visitors’ interaction data from the server without friction caused by ad blockers or browser restrictions when done in first-party mode.

Facebook CAPI also wants to send visitor data to improve matching and helps with optimization. The more data you can send, the better the matching and optimization.

Will Google Tag Manager server connection improve Facebook Ads reporting?

Yes, it has the potential to improve reporting accuracy. 

I say potential because it is up to Facebook to report data. But the Facebook Conversion API setup through Google Tag Manager allows us to adjust the Facebook Click ID expiration time to at least 7 days, which is what Facebook requires for reporting. 

Will my add performance improve?

Yes, it has the potential to improve add performance.

I say potential because it depends on your understanding of your audience that will impact the result of your campaign. The least you know about your audience, the harder it will get for the algorithm to optimize and drive good results.

About Facebook Conversion API for WooCommerce

WooCommerce comes with plugins that help you get the maximum of data from your visitors and customer. Meaning you will get a complete Enhanced Facebook Conversion API setup through Google Tag Manager.

About Facebook Conversion API for Shopify

Facebook CAPI through GTM on Shopify is limited because in any of the packages below plus, you don’t get access to the checkout theme code. So what we can track is a page view, view content, add to cart, and purchase. The minimum event matches quality we aim for is 8 for purchase and 6 for the rest.

About Facebook Conversion API setup for PrestaShop

On PrestaShop, we are limited to the module we have to get visitors’ and customers’ data. I will give you a recommendation for the best module I know so far. I can guarantee you a purchase event match quality of at least 8.

Facebook Conversion API Setup through GTM