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Introducing the Tailored Google Analytics Marketing Management System (T.G.A.M.M.S.)

Revolutionize your Google Analytics utilization with our comprehensive system. It bridges the gap between GA4 data and actionable insights that drive actual results for your business. Perfect for established businesses (minimum 2 years) with consistent traffic and lead generation who value digital analytics and are ready to level up their insights.

“Josipher is a team player who works great with our team members and is very knowledgeable and open-minded for suggestions. I will love to continue working with him and learn more about analytics. He is a trustworthy person and reliable! Great coach! Lily”

— Lily, CEO at cocarting.com

Supercharge Your Business with Data-Driven Growth: Say Goodbye to Analytics Frustration and Hello to Crystal-Clear Insights

Imagine the frustration of looking at your Google Analytics data and needing to fully understand what it means and how to improve. The T.G.A.M.M.S. solves this pain by providing a tailored system that aligns with your business goals. You’ll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your funnels, measure their performance, and identify areas for optimization. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to data-driven growth.

From Data to Action in 4 Phases.

  • Phase 1: Audit/Strategy, planning & funnel overview implementation (Typically 30 days)
  • Phase 2: System Setup: G.A., G.T.M., and Looker Studio setup. I will go into more detail about the funnel and page to fine-tune and create triggers to send data to GA4 (Typically 30 days)
  • Phase 3: Interactive Dashboards: Customized dashboards for insights. Once the data are in GA4 and working well, we will send them to the dashboard (Typically 30 days)
  • Phase 4: Ongoing management

“A pleasure to work with and worth every penny of investment! Josipher is a trustworthy and invaluable asset.”

Ken Barraza, Founder of Rampster

How to start?

  • Step 1: Schedule your discovery call
  • Step 2: Attend the call to discuss your goals and current setup
  • Step 3: If we’re a fit, we will start your T.G.A.M.M.S Implementation
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  • Phase 1: Audit and Strategy/Planning I will look at your existing (if any) accounts for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio. Then, I will review your current reporting plan, structure, and results. (Typically 30 days)
  • Phase 2: Systems Build-out and Testing During Phase 2, I will set up and test your Dedicated Google Analytics Marketing Management System. We will work together to ensure your new Dedicated Google Analytics Marketing gathers the most valuable data so that you can make data-driven marketing decisions. (Typically 30 days)
  • Phase 3: Reporting, Forecasting, and Optimization By the end of Phase 3, you will have a fully functional T.G.A.M.M. System. Including interactive dashboards customized to your measurement plan and designed to give you the answers you need to make more profitable marketing decisions. (Typically 30 days)
  • Phase 4: Ongoing T.G.A.M.M.S. Once Phase 3 is completed, you can manage your system independently. Or, you can choose the ongoing T.G.A.M.M.S. maintenance package. This package is best suited for you if you want me to manage your numbers while you focus on what you do best.

You have two options…

  1. You can invest in a maintenance package and have me maintain your Tailored Google Analytics Marketing Management System.
  2. Or you can maintain it on your own.

It depends on your current setup and the complexity of the project. Your investment for the initial setup package runs between $1,205 – $6,000/ month. And the maintenance package runs between $1,000 – $3,000/ month. Take these numbers as a minimum. During the discovery call, we will be able to.

Josipher Walle, Contributor in Brainz Magazine