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Stop wasting time, energy and money…


Time is the one thing you can’t get back, no matter what you do.

Your energy has its limits, and you want to control when, where, and how you use it.

Although money is in abundance, you can go and spend it recklessly.



For the past 5 years, I have been helping businesses like Dealer 101, and st-Art make the best out of their time, control when, where, and how they use their energy and maximize their money efforts. And all this through the use of web analytics. I am also a pro on Fiverr, where I have helped around 184 clients with web analytics services. 


Josipher Walle, CXL Certified Optimizer
Josipher Walle has a Shopify partner account
Josipher Walle is a vetted professional on Fiverr
Josipher Walle CXL Certified in Digital Psychology

I learned a lot throughout these 5 years, and I am happy to share some tips with you.

Here are the 4 biggest mistakes people make:

1. They don’t take their time and try to understand the purpose of each platform.

2. They focus on data accuracy instead of understanding the trends and patterns of their visitors.

3. Furthermore, they treat the data like numbers, but in reality, each visitor is a human being going through an experience.

4. Last but not least, web analytics platforms are tools to help you grow your business. This means you need to merge these tools around your business system.



Do you pay attention to your business system and its components?

You should, and if you don’t well today is your lucky day.

A business is a system consisting of 3 components. By focusing your time, energy, and money on the relationship between these 3 components, your business will last an eternity. (Credit to Shawn & Andre from MMS)

These three components are:

1. Awareness –> get attention.

2. Engagement –> sustain attention.

3. Conversion –> monetize attention.


a business system components - josipher walle

Merging web analytics platforms with business system components…

Are you ready?

Let us get right to it.

What web analytics tools are most used for awareness/getting attention?

Let me name a few:

  • Meta Pixel/ Facebook Pixel / CAPI
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • TikTok Pixel
  • Twitter Pixel
  • Snap Chat Pixel
  • LinkedIn Pixel
  • Pinterest Pixel
  • Bing Conversion Tracking, etc…

The primary function of these web analytic tools is to help you optimize your advertising efforts and get some results.


What web analytics tools are most used for engagement/ sustaining attention?

Let me name the most used:

  • Meta Pixel/ Facebook Pixel / CAPI
  • Google Remarketing Tag
  • Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing Tag
  • TikTok Pixel / Event API

They enable you to create audiences based on how the visitor interacted with your content, which gives you control on how to keep sustaining attention.


What web analytics tools are most used for conversion/ monetizing attention?

Again, I will go with the most used:

  • Meta Pixel/ Facebook Pixel / CAPI  – Conversion Events
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • TikTok Conversion Events
  • Twitter Conversion Tracking
  • Snap Chat Conversion Events
  • LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  • Pinterest Pixel Events
  • Bing Conversion Tracking

These tools give you the options to optimize your advertising efforts for money.


The most underused and valuable free web analytic tool is…..

Google Analytics.


It covers all 3 components of a business system.

With Google Analytics, you can understand the following:

1. Awareness – where are you getting attention from? – acquisition – traffic.

2. Engagement – how are you doing with sustaining attention? – building relationships.

3. Conversion – how are you doing with monetizing attention? – transforming those relationships into “happy customers.”

4. Bonus: Audience information.


Now, why do I say most people underused it?

Because most people don’t know its potential and how to properly install it.

If you stick around enough, you can learn a few skills I acquire throughout these five years of work in digital marketing.

But hey, I don’t want to know it all and be master of none.

That is why I focused on the following web analytics:

1. Facebook Pixel & Facebook Conversion API.
2. Google Analytics 4.
3. Google Ads Conversion Tracking / Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing.
4. Google Tag Manager.


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If event matching quality is low,
And if ad blockers are limiting your data.

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