Uncharted Journey Newsletter

I appreciate your interest.

For the last six years, I dedicated myself to building a business.

I started as a Freelancer and switched slowly to a team.

The experience I provide to my customers makes me stand out, and my Optimization skill and Measurement Marketing skill is what I use to help my customers grow their business.

I don’t have my email world set up yet, but If you want, you can join here, and as I have updates, I will send them to you.

I will be sharing with you everything I know on how to help you grow your business.

It will be on customer experience optimization, conversion optimization, and measurement marketing.

Most of my content will be free, some advance how-to will require you to create a free account, and most templates will require you to pay for them.

I will launch my podcast in the coming months too, so if you want to receive the update, feel free to subscribe.

Uncharted journeys newsletter

Meanwhile, I will do my work, putting most of my knowledge on paper to share with you. It will take me around six months to get my most valuable content document. I hope you have and want to stick around.

See you around.


Josipher Walle, CXL Certified Optimizer
Josipher Walle is a vetted Fiverr professional
Josipher Walle CXL Certified in Digital Psychology